About Us

About Everyday Holsters (EDH for short)

Everyday Holsters was founded to deliver exceptional value in the Hybrid Holster market for the common individual at a price that is affordable. Everyday Holsters strives to deliver the most comfortable concealed carry holsters available while not taking advantage of our customers. We are a small family owned holster manufacturing company that believes in American Made products. We strongly believe in the 2nd Amendment and in the God Given right to own firearms. 


We strive for customer satisfaction and as such have a 2 week trial period for you to try out our holster, if you don't love it return it and we'll refund your money. Additionally the holster is Lifetime warranty against everything but stupid.


We are located in Louisville, Kentucky


If you don't see a product listed or would like something custom done, please feel free to send us a message at Support@everydayholsters.com